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how it works

Clean Cans of Collier is proud to offer residential trash and recycle can cleaning services to the residents of Collier County! Cans are cleaned using a self-contained, Eco-friendly system eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria. The days of dirty, stinky, bacteria infested, rodent and bear attracting cans are long gone! With four affordable plans to choose from, there is no excuse to go another day without Clean Cans! 


Cleanings are scheduled to coincide with trash and recycle pickup day. Services will either be scheduled for SAME DAY or NEXT DAY service depending on the area and community you live in. Simply place cans out for trash and recycle collection, then leave them at the curb on your scheduled cleaning day until 6pm.

Clean Cans of Collier will arrive on your scheduled cleaning day and clean your cans curbside. The interior and exterior of the cans are pressure washed using 190° high-pressurized water to wash away dirt and grime while killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Cans are inspected for cleanliness and sprayed with an Eco-friendly deodorizer leaving cans fresh and clean!

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